Thursday, March 19, 2009

100 Days to Go!

The wedding is 100 days from today! I can officially use my desk calender with 100 wedding tips.

I want to give a shout out to Ms. Heidi Klum who is recovering from a infection on her back. Heidi is my best friend's Alli's dog and had an infection from a rabies shot she got back in December. Birdie, my dog, and Heidi played a lot in December. I hope Birdie didn't bite her injection site and cause the infection. They played really rough over New Years Eve when mommies weren't watching them too well. Birdie and I love Ms. Heidi and we wish her a full recovery!

On to other news- Clark and I have our second dance lesson tonight. Looking forward to it! This is such a special time in my life. When else do you get to go to dance lessons with your daddy one night and then go with your fiance the same week? Normally you'd have to drag a guy to dance lesson, but when you're getting married they'll do anything you ask. (And my dad and Clark actually enjoy the lessons- they're a lot of fun!)

Clark and I have "date night" tomorrow (Friday) night. We started this tradition a couple of weeks ago. Every other week we take turns surprising the other with a date night. He went first and we went to a FABULOUS restaurant called Lulav. Neither of us had ever gone, so it was fun to try something new. (On a side note: we're going back Saturday with a bunch of the family- the Smiths, Randy and Melissa, and my mimi. Yummy!). I'm trying to think of something really fun to do. PLEASE comment if you have any ideas. We want to incorporate dinner, but other than that we're up for anything. Some of my ideas are 1. renting bikes and riding them by the Arkansas River (you can rent bikes), cooking out on the grill, and finishing the night in the hot tub 2. going to dinner and then going to the Looney Bin comedy club (Allison- yes, I think Clark is ready to take my back :), 3. Going to the country club for a night of pictionary and drinks, 4. Bowling and dinner. What do yall think?

Bball tourney starts today. I filled out my bracket like I do every year. Last year I think I ended up second to last out of about 100 people at work. But, my mom won and she got like $1500 bucks. Way to go mom! I didn't inherit her love for sports- I'm never any good at picking who will win. But it makes basketball a lot of fun to watch, and I think one year I'll get lucky.

Well that's all for now. The weekend is almost here! I don't know about where you are, but the weather in Little Rock is fabulous and it makes me want to play outside.


  1. oh, we LOVED the looney bin!! that would be a fun date night! dinner and then that! i really wish i could think of the names of places we used to go for fun....there was this jazz bar thing (old people bar) over by kavanagh that was really cool...oh and have yall been to damgoode pies yet?! i think its off of kavanagh...yummy yummy! and im sure youve been, but prob our favorite was cajuns wharf!! we loved that place bc you could have a nice dinner and then mosey on over to a live band and hang out on the patio on the river!! gosh, i had forgotten how much more there was to do in the rock!! ha...when we lived there all i wanted to do was be back home in the ville and now i do kinda miss all of the many fun things to do down there!! guess there really is truth to wanting what you dont have huh?! haha..anyways, this comment is entirely out of control long so ill stop at that! =) hope you have a wonderful date night tomorrow!

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  3. one last thing....i found this website that has a lot of the places we used to go on it! just thought id pass it along to you!! =)

    oh and i just thought of another great place...boscos!!! that place is great! ok, im done now!! sorry!

  4. Thank you for the shout out for heidi- she is doing great she misses birdie!
    I love doing date night! We have started a new tradidtion on our date night.:( its now Cole family night! Should be fun though!

  5. 100 days! that is so exciting!

    Date nights are so fun and I like how you guys surprise each other. Renting bikes is a great idea. Cajun's Wharf is pretty dang yummy! Hope you do a post on what you decided to do!!

  6. Getting close to the big day!... super exciting!...

    Date night sounds fun... very interesting. Randy and I are looking forward to dinner. It should be yummy.

    I didn't know you were doing dance lessons with dad... I mean, I get it in terms of the "father/daughter" dance... it will definitely be special!

  7. I like the bike idea too! Why not exercise on date night... I mean you are within 100 days, right? :)
    Have fun!!!

  8. Mary! You guys are the cutest couple ever. I can't wait to see more pictures! I think the comedy club, because we don't have one here and that's what I would want to do! But I bet anything you choose he will love! Hope you all are doing well! xoxo