Tuesday, March 24, 2009

2010 Goal: Run a Marathon

Yes, you read the title right. My goal for 2010 is to run a marathon. (sorta). As I have mentioned in previous posts, I think it would be so glorious to run a marathon. I envied the runners in the 2009 Little Rock marathon as I watched from the sidelines. I'm not much of a runner, but I am trying to be! I'm slowly improving my endurance and time. The most I have ever ran (without stopping) is 3 miles, and I've only done it once. That was my 2008 goal and my dad gave me a trophy when he learned I completed my goal (it was kind of a joke, but I show off my trophy proudly). I now run/walk 3 miles in about 34 minutes and I try to do it at least 3 or 4 times a week.

Ok, back to this 2010 goal. I realize the 26.2 miles would be way too much of a challenge right now for me, but I found out that the Little Rock marathon has a "relay" marathon. AWESOME! Perfect! Allison and Laura have committed to the 2010 marathon, so we just need one more team member and we've got us a team. Any interests? Post a comment and I'll get back to you about tryouts. (only kidding :).

Here is the info off the LR marathon website:
Not ready for the whole 26.2 miles? Then sign up for the Little Rock Marathon Relay.
Individuals representing corporations, schools, churches, civic groups, friends or families can form a team for the Little Rock Marathon Relay. Your team can run, walk or do a combination.
Relay teams are composed of four individuals. Each member of the team completes his/her segment of the 26.2-mile marathon course, and then hands the timing chip to the next team member at a set relay exchange. Segments are as follows:

1 Start Line- Main Post Office, 6.2 miles

2 Main Post Office- Arkansas State Capitol, 6.9 miles

3 Arkansas State Capitol- Murray Park, 7.8 miles

4 Murray Park- Finish Line, 5.3 miles

I call the last leg! I am really excited about running the marathon relay. I think I can handle 1/4 of the 26.2 challenge and couldn't think of better people to have on my team. I told Laura, "we may not have the best time, but we'll have the most fun!" We may need to drink some mimosa's before the race kicks off! The race is scheduled for March 7, 2010 so I have plenty of time to train! I better get started....


  1. Madison said he would be on your team...

  2. Allie texted me about this last night, I would so be in for it!

  3. oh we are so getting shirts made ; ) haha

  4. Yeah!! I am so pumped for this thing! Glad I get a year for training b/c I am gonna need it! Mary I will paper, rock, scissor you for that last leg!