Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bad News

We got some bad news yesterday. Clark's grandpa, Daydee, was in the hospital and going downhill fast. Daydee has been in and out of the hospital for about a year, but they think this will be his last time. The doctors gave him 2-3 days (but he doesn't know that).

Not that you can time death, but this timing is really bad. Clark's brother's wedding is Saturday. I feel so bad for Clay (clark's brother). Your wedding day is supposed to be the happiest day of your life and Clay will be thinking about his grandfather, who he is named after (he has his middle name- Davies).

We went to the hospital last night. We walked in his room and he was sleeping. Clark woke him up and Daydee was kind of out of it. Daydee told us "I'm not going to make it to the wedding." We told him he'd be there in spirit. Daydee told us he wasn't in pain and he felt alright. (He's on morphine so he's better not feel any pain). We didn't stay long. Clark gave him a hug and we walked out. I started crying as soon as we left his room.

To me, the whole situation reminded me of putting our dog to sleep. It was like we were saying our goodbyes and he has no idea that it's about to be his time to go. Very sad.

After the hosptial visit, we went to Mimi's (Clark's grandma). We brought dinner and then we sat around and visited. Clark's parents, Daydee's brother, mimi, and I all sat around and told stories of Daydee and reflected on his life. I think we were all in agreeance that even though it's so hard to loose someone, once they're in pain and don't have any quality of life- it's time to let them go.

Daydee was always so sweet to me and gave me the nicest compliments. He'll always hold a special place in my heart. Please keep the Carrolls in your prayers. We'll need it this weekend.

*** Davies died on Thursday. He will be missed ***


  1. mary, im so sorry to hear heart broke when i read "im not going to make it to the wedding" my thoughts and prayers are with all of you....lots of love, jennifer

  2. Mary I am so sorry.. I will definetly keep you and Clark's family in my prayers.

  3. he died?... how sad! i talked with you just this morning, and i know you said that he was going to die soon, but in just a few hours?... wow. I'm so sorry...

    thinking of him in relation to Abby almost made me cry. I completely get the comparison, and agree. To others that might seem trite, but when it's an animal/pet you love... it makes complete sense.

    March 24th was Abby day by the way... it was 3 years ago Tuesday that Abby passed away (when we had to put her to sleep)... I am actually starting to cry just thinking about it.

    On the anniversary of her death (Abby day), we take special time to think about and remember her and throw bread out for her... essentially, we tear off pieces of a slice of bread and throw it in the yard. Abby loved bread and it is a way to celebrate her life and remember her spirit. Hayden said, "here Abby"..."eat the bread"... and I said, "she is"...

    Love you and I'm thinking about you and Clark... and Clark's family...

    - Melissa

  4. Ok Melissa, you made me cry. That's sad!

    Thanks for the thoughts and prayers everyone.

  5. so sorry he passed away today =( ive been thinking about you guys all day...its comforting to know he is no longer suffering...prayers are with you and clark and the family

  6. Oh Mary I am so sorry to hear that. My thoughts will be with the Carroll family this weekend. I love you!


  7. I love you guys. I know you will help keep the family positive and happy-you are always the best person in the world to be around when im down. Have a wonderful weekend despite your loss.