Monday, March 23, 2009

Jackon, TN Here We Come!

I am so exciting about this upcoming weekend. Clark's little brother, Clay is getting married in Jackson, TN- Roadtrip! Clark and I are driving to Jackson on Friday morning for a weekend full of festivities. We have the rehearsal dinner Friday, I am going to the bridesmaid's brunch Saturday morning, and of course the wedding/reception Saturday night. Clark's family is so much fun and I don't know Shannon's family too well, but her parents are super sweet. My mom and dad are going as well as a bunch of FUN people (Mark and Sherri Alt, Bo and Ashley Mattingly, and a bunch of other people who know how to party)! I'll post next week on how the wedding went down.

Last weekend was fun! Date night was a success- dinner at 1620, the Looney Bin, and then drinks at Ferneau. Saturday I made a trip to Sam's and spent way too much money. You know it's bad when a stranger looks at you walking down the isle and says "I think you need another cart." My cart was about to overflow- I knew it was time to checkout at that point. I love Sams though! It was about lunch time and the samples were in full force. I was sold on the teriyaki chicken you can heat up in the microwave and beef jerky. I came home with a month's supply of both. I also stocked up on TP, paper towels, dish soap, deodorant, razors, toothpaste, and toothbrushes. You'd think I had an army living at my home.

We had house guests, Melissa and Randy, on Saturday night. We went do dinner with the family (9 of us) and went to the Rep to see the Foreigner. The play was okay- way too long in my opinion (and Clark's- he was sleeping every time I looked at him). Melissa and Randy departed early Sunday to see her friend in the hospital who had her baby Saturday night. It worked out really well for them to happen to be intown.

I enjoy spending time with Melissa (my sister) and am glad we've gotten closer over the years. We haven't always had the best relationship. We are so very different and are personalities have clashed in the past. I think we are really very similar, but it has taken me a while to realize that. Sometimes when I say something it reminds me of Melissa- kinda weird. She really is one of my best friends these days and I love her very much. She is a great mother and an awesome friend to have.

It's a short week for me since I'm taking off Friday to head to Jackson- Woop Woop! Weekend countdown: 3 1/2 days.


  1. crazy that clay is getting married! i havent seen him in forever! congrats to them =) as i read what you had to say about your sis, it kind of reminded me of me and my sis...we have always been close, but always clashed...of course we still clash sometimes now too, but we are truly best friends....we too, are sooo very different, but so alike at the same time! isnt it great having a sister though?! as different as we are from them, we wouldnt know what to do without them huh?! =)

  2. wedding season def has begun! My sisters and I are so different too, yet so alike! We have always been close, but there are times we def clash. Having them is the best thing in the world!!!

    I love sams too! especially during sample time : ) Have a great week!

  3. I say 'woop woop' too!... I love that phrase!... so cool!...

    it is true about how different we are, but also the same. We definitely have gotten closer and I enjoy spending time with you too. o got a whole paragraph devoted to your love for me!... YAY! I really am special! Thanks for the compliment about being a good mother... that is very sweet. I try to be a good friend... I'm glad we have each other... we are definitely lucky.

    Did someone really mention to you that you needed another cart at Sams?... that is hilarious!

    We had a good time with y'all too!... and thanks for the clothes!...

    Have fun in Tennessee!... talk with you later!

    Love your sister, Melissa... WOOP WOOP!

  4. Mary! I wanna do that relay thats my kind of marathon! Hope you have a great weekend in Jackson ( reminds me of Jhonny Cash song) "I'm going to Jackson" Acutally I think the songs refers to a couple getting married in Jackson!

    Love ya G

  5. Have so much fun at the wedding! Do you have a cute dress to wear?? I bet you do. I want to hear allll about it when you get home! I will be in Chi-town with a bunch of crazy hairdressers!