Friday, March 13, 2009

Wedding Diet

For those of you who have gotten married or tried to loose weight for any milestone, you can probably relate to this blog. Others probably think I'm crazy. But, this "wedding diet" consumes a lot of my time now, so I thought I'd share. And if anyone has any diet/training tips or wants to confirm I'm crazy... feel free to comment!

Okay... so I have always been pretty active, worked out, and watched what I ate. Looking back on pictures of myself through the years, I know when I was more focused on my figure and when I cared more about the cookie jar. My weight tends to fluctuate, but I've never been really heavy (expect that awkward stage when I was 12 or so). I've never really had fitness goals or a "target weight"- I just enjoyed working out and watching what I ate (most of the time I had a healthy diet with the exception of those Sunday's that didn't count while Alli and I lived together. We thought it was a great diet to watch what you ate all through the week but binge like crazy on Sunday. How I looked forward to Sundays!).

Now that I'm getting married I have a definite goal and time frame. I want to be in the best shape of my life and feel amazing by June 27th. I'll probably gain a few pounds as I dine on the endless food options on the honeymoon- and I'm fine with that. But until June 27th I am really trying to focus on diet and exercise. So, let me tell you about my "plan."

Let me first emphasize that I am doing this the healthy way. I have done many crash diets in the past and have had some issues with loosing weight not so healthy ways. This is not that type of plan! I am exercising, dieting, limiting portions, and maybe popping a few hoodia along the way. Good old fashioned diet and exercise.

I have a personal trainer, Joey. He is a friend from work and used to make a living being a personal trainer. He is 40 years old and in AWESOME shape. I'd go so far as to say he's hot. You would never guess he's 40. He helped my dad loose quite a bit of weight a while back, so I had faith in him. He offered to help for free, and I jumped on the offer. I figured he would show me how to lift weights for a few weeks and then I'd be on my own. But Joey has been awesome! We started working out together in January and we've been working out almost everyday after work and he says he'll continue to work with me up until the wedding. I go to his gym (and they don't even charge me) and we lift weights. I have never lifted weights. In the past I did cardio (elliptical, treadmill, long walks) and Curves (a gym for women that focuses on circuit training and resistance machines), but I have never lifted a weight. So now I've started to lift weights and I love how they make me feel. I complain during the workout because it really does hurt, but after the workout I feel so accomplished and proud of myself. The next day I love the soreness and proof that I did push myself.

Along with the weight training, I am going to Curves at least 3 times a week. I normally go to Curves over my lunch hour at work. Curves is right across the street, so I can work out and still have time to eat some healthy choice soup (my lunch of choice these days). I also try to log some miles on the treadmill during the week. At the very least, I try to work out on the weekends and my gym at home and do about 4 miles/workout.
Okay, so I've covered fitness- weight training, curves, cardio at home (and some long walks with Birdie down by the river- I love long walks with her, and I'm trying to take the stairs more often). Now onto diet. At first Joey had me on a low carb, high protein diet. I liked this! I could eat cheese, a ton of meat, and nuts. Steak, scrambled eggs, bacon, turkey, and cheese plates were all on the menu. I loved it! That phase of the diet didn't really work too well. Probably because I ate way too much of all that stuff. Now we're doing a low calorie diet. It's mainly cereal or oatmeal for breakfast, soup for lunch, and a salad or chicken breast at night. I really like the cereals I have at home (Blueberry Special K (w/ real blueberries thrown it), Banana Nut Cheerios (with a banana sliced up), and Kashi). I also snack on almonds, sunflower seeds, and tons of fruit). I haven't been too strict with the diet because I really enjoy to eat out and it's no fun for Clark to eat healthy (not to mention he really needs to gain weight). I also haven't quite given up the alcohol- and there are a ton of calories in booze! That may be the hardest part. I only drink probably 2 times a week, but that even adds up. And my two times a week are some heavy drinking.
I don't know how much weight I've lost the past few weeks because Joey made me hand over my scale. I now feel like I'm on the biggest looser and I'm getting ready for the weigh in next week. I do know that I lost a whole % of body fat and a couple of inches because they measured that at curves last week. I feel good and now I'm on the right track.

I still have a couple of months and I'm sure that I'll feel and look amazing in the dress. Thanks to those who read all of this crazy diet/exercise post. Now that I've typed it all I do feel a bit crazy!
I would love a six pack (abs or beer)!


  1. wow mary your plan sounds about perfect! You know i compleatly relate with the "wedding" diet haha. I found running and lifting free weights is what has always helped me. You are going to look amazing, just try not to stress too much! (easier said that done, i know : ) )

  2. I want to be in good shape for your wedding too!... I wish us both lots of luck and happy "dieting"!

  3. YAY!! A blog for Mary, I love it!!
    I hope you are doing good!! Not long til the big day, how exciting!!

  4. I am so proud of you! I also can relate to the "Wedding Diet"- Have fun with it- dont stress you are going to be the most beautiful bride in the world no matter what the scale says! Keep up the good work and i will make sure to have carrots and hummus this weekend in the fridge!

  5. BTW- Where did you get that picture of my abs???