Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Night Plans

I have decided- we're doing dinner and the Looney Bin for date night tonight. I couldn't keep a secret and was having a really hard time figuring out what date to pick, so I asked Clark and that was his choice. He liked the bike idea, but thought we'd enjoy it more when it's warmer and had the full day to enjoy the bike riding.

We're going to dinner at 1620- a restaurant neither of us have gone to, but we've heard really good things about. It's close to the Looney Bin, so it should work out great. This sounds really cheezy, but I found a "quiz" in Cosmo (The Cosmo Couple Quiz) yesterday that I cut out and it's going to be our dinner conversation. Your supposed to ask questions outload and then you both answer them. For example, some questions are "What's your most embarrassing childhood memory, What's the biggest risk you've ever taken, Where is the number one place you're dying to visit, etc. There are 10 questions and it will be neat to see how we each answer them.
Tomorrow I plan to go get a manicure and a pedicure, work out, and be lazy for most of the day. Tomorrow night we're going to eat dinner at Lulav with my family and then go see The Foreigner at The Rep.

Sunday Clark and I MUST go register. We've been meaning to do this for a while, but have been putting it off because we really don't know where we're going to live, so it's hard to pick out what would look good. I've been exploring dillards/bed bath and beyonds website today and I think I'm just going to get a bunch of neutral, classic pieces (no crazy designs or wild colors). Things that would go well in almost any setting. Any registry tips? I need some!

I hope you have a great weekend!


  1. um, def bed bath...we did them and target...i would not suggest target though...their registry was a nightmare! prices that the registry said were wrong on some things, things that said were in the store werent, etc, etc, was awful! anyways, there is my 2 cents! =) have a wonderful weekend

  2. Thanks Jennifer! We are already registered at Williams Sonoma. And we are doing Bed, Bath, and Beyond and Dillards. We may do something like the Copper Pig or Sara Katherines, but maybe not.

  3. Mary-

    You don't have to register for bedding and stuff. You could just ask for gift cards and register for the items you really feel like you need.

    Don't just register for things to register for things. Be smart about it. Don't register for things for the fun of it. Register for things you will really use. That might be too practical for you, but that is my suggestion.

    We are looking forward to dinner and The Foreigner too!...

    I like the quiz thing... can we do some of it at dinner Saturday?... that might be too repetitive for you, but the quiz sounds fun!

    - Melissa

  4. I agree, definitely no Target... it was a nightmare. Dillards and Bed Bath were super easy to deal with. I would do things like pots/pans, corningware, silverware, china, linens (bed and bath), kitchen appliances, crystal, etc, etc. I used a "registry checklist" that I got out of a bridal mag... very helpful.
    But... I would do fun stuff, even though you dont know where you will live.. It's the one time in your life you will get that many gifts, go all out! Hope that helps!

  5. i did the checklist too and it was VERY helpful!

  6. Thanks married friends! I found a checklist and it will help SO MUCH! Good ideas.

  7. We did Dillards and Bed Bath and Beyond. They were both wonderful. There were a few things we wanted at William Sonoma but just told family members about them. Checklists are def great! Bed Bath and beyond also was very helpful when we registered! Hope you guys had a great weekend!