Thursday, March 12, 2009


I am just returning from a Safety Conference. So, safety is on my mind. At work these days I am a safety coordinator of sorts. I created the safety program, get ready for the monthly safety meetings, track safety suggestions/hazards, investigate accidents/near misses, and make sure we're up to date on all the OSHA mandated programs. It's very random that I am doing this job these days- for my outside of work life is not very safe. I drink more than I should (although I don't drink and drive, but only because Clark is my dd), I occasionally smoke cigarettes (although that will change once Clark quits for good), I drive way too fast, I do careless things all the time, and I text, talk on the phone, and dig in my purse while I drive. I think it's very ironic that I am very unsafe outside of work but then I am in a role of safety at work.

The other day at work I was driving a golf cart. Let me point out that I created the forklift training program and also completed the training program myself- yes, I am authorized to drive a fork lift. I don't normally drive motorized vehicles at work because I'm scared of hitting something or someone. But, it was late in the day and most of the workers had gone home. I needed to go to the other end of the plant, so I decided to take a cart. I was driving just fine, and I kind of liked it. The wind was blowing in my face and it reminded me of my younger days when I would always drive the golf cart. (I also recked several golf carts and sent a friend to the hospital- sorry Kristen!). So, I'm driving and not really paying attention. Like I said, most people had gone home. I turn a corner and I hear a fork lift honk- right in front of me! I swerve to miss it and run into a pallet of turbines. I didn't do much, if any damage, but I was so scared (and embarrassed). I hate to think what the forklift driver thought of me- the safety coordinator who is driving carelessly on the golf cart. I haven't driven since.

Well today at the conference they showed a video of careless driving. I fit the bill. Who hasn't texted, talked on the phone, put on make-up, dug around their purse, programmed their GPS, felt around the backseat for something, ... I've done it all! Sometimes more than one at a time- put on lipstick and talk on the phone! The video showed all of these dangers and then it talked about 2 people dying because of these distractions. So, this is one hazard I am going to take out of my life. They say texting is worse than drinking and driving! And it really pisses Clark off when I do these things while he is in the car.

So, I am going to try to make my life more safe- eliminate some of the hazards. One at a time. I don't want to be boring, just more safe. For example, take the picture. If she had a helmet on and maybe a shirt she would be much more safe. You can still have fun, just protect yourself! I'd hate to injure myself and not be able to live life to the fullest. I hope you can find something to work on too!


  1. You han into a pallet of turbines?!? HILARIOUS! I wish I would have seen that...

    I too text while driving. VERY unsafe. Randy hates that I do it... I really should quit. I will at least cut back (maybe only text at stoplights?).

    The notion of you driving a forklift is a little frightening... maybe you should just stick to your car.

  2. Thats so funny. I CAN believe you did that, and agree with melissa that i wish i would have seen that.. I remember this summer when you hopped numerious curbs in the lexas...

  3. Mary-
    How are you a follower of yourself?!?